In 1930, Lela Cole moved with her family from Arkansas to the Clifton community and found that it had no Pentecostal church.  She wrote a letter to a prayer band in London, England asking for prayer concerning the church situation.  A reply to her letter came containing a prophecy that surely God was going to answer her prayer and a Pentecostal church would indeed be organized in the Clifton area.


In 1935, God spoke to Annie Jones in Cedar Town, Georgia.  Miss. Jones came with Mamie Aiken from Atlanta, Georgia and started a tent revival at Linder Show Grounds.  This revival began in the summer of 1935 and lasted for 10 weeks.  The revival continued with more than 250 people being saved.  In the fall, they moved into Nora Giles home and organized a church.  Church was held there until the "rock church" was completed.  The church was called "Pentecostal Assembly."  The charter members were Robert and Annie Murphy, Frank and Jim Sproles, Bud Bolton, Nora Giles, Hollie and Helen Giles, Henry and Annie White, Buck and Mattie Giles, and Bill Spurlock.


In 1939 C N. Sproles, H R Giles, and Hollie Sproles went to the 34th General Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia to learn more  about the Church Of God (Cleveland, TN). Having liked what they heard, they decided to join the Church of God. In the Fall of 1939, State Overseer Rev. J D Bright accepted the church into the Church of God, and it became the Clifton Church of God. Rev. C.N. Sproles was the first pastor.

Over the years, Clifton Church of God grew and became a staple in the east Spartanburg community. Many men and women were called into the ministry from this church and serve across the nation as pastors, muscians, teachers, elders, and other ministry roles. Through the 80's, the church was known for it's musical talent under the leadership of the great pastor, singer, and song writer - Dr. Charles Wycuff. 

In 2003, under the leadership of Pastor Edward Hardee, the church built a new facility to serve as a "family life center." Unfortunately, due to the condition of the old "rock church," the family life center was eventually converted into the main worship area. 

The church has been through difficult times over the years. We cannot run from that fact. However, in 2019, a spirit of unity entered the church once again. The congregation has begun to grow, God is moving, and we believe the best days are ahead!

As part of this new foudn spiritual life, the congregation decided unanimously to change the name of the church from "Clifton" to "East Spartanburg," and along with that the scope of our ministry. We believe God has called us to great things for Him in this thriving community!